Sunday, January 20, 2013

La Ruta del Cacao--Sports and Environment

Cacao from Chuao, the famous cacao town where
the race ends.  Click for photo credit.
Check out this link about the 2nd annual half Marathon, La Ruta del Cacao that took place last year.  It takes runners on a 23 km route through some of the most unique forests in a cacao growing area in Venezuela.  The taxing route extends from sea level, to over a 3,000 foot peak, and then back to sea level.

The setting is certainly interesting, but the organizers take advantage of the opportunity to educate the public about the environment.  They also organize tree plantings and conduct a clean up of the route.  They look at the event as an opportunity to engage the local population and participants on the importance of environmental protection.

The third event will be this May.

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