Sunday, January 13, 2013

Florida's Python Challenge

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Check out this article from the Tampa Bay Times about the state's latest effort toward reducing the python population.  They are sending out 800 Floridians in a "Python Challenge" to basically go out and kill any python they see.  The article states that it is sort of like a zombie hunt in that the best way to kill a python is to shoot it in the head or decapitate it.

There are cash prizes for the longest python captured and the most killed.  I've written about the python problem before here and here.  As we have become a globalized world, our ecosystems are becoming globalized as well.  Problems with invasive species are extremely problematic and Florida's unique niche North American ecosystem is under assault.

I am anxious to see how effective this wide open strategy works.  In the past, the state has been relatively conservative about giving out python hunting permits.  This time, they are taking an epic approach to trying to deal with the issue.

In other Florida news, new contributor AJ Sonnick is in Florida on vacation and completed his first post on the beaches of Caladesi Island.  He's an excellent photographer and has some beautiful photos.  He'll have another dispatch from the state later today.

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Unknown said...

I'm happy to add that one of our department's graduates, Kristen Penney Sommers, is head honcho of this project.