Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top Green Gifts for Kids on Etsy

It's that time of year again!  It's time for shopping!!

One of my favorite places to shop is Etsy.  There are many interesting hand-made items made by small entrepreneurs on the site.  I've gone through and waded through some of them to give you my list of my top 5 green gifts for kids on Etsy.  I've focused on environmental education, renewable products, and things to do as a craft or family project.

1.  Herb Terrarium Garden Kit.  I really love this item.  It is a hanging glass herb terrarium garden.  It is glass, which could be a hazard to kids who are young or clumsy.  But, it would be a nice wintertime window garden project that could provide lots of fun and education.  It costs $19.99.

2.  Bears, A Coloring Book.  This is a hand drawn coloring book for kids featuring bears of the world.  The price is $8.50 for the book and includes 8 different bears.  It's a little expensive for a coloring book, but it is would be a nice gift for the young child who loves nature.  Ships from Canada.

3.  Learn to Knit Kit.  Knitting has really gained in popularity in recent years.  This set contains everything a child needs to learn how to knit.  This gift would be good for a child who can learn from a book or who can pick up some of the stitch instructions on you tube.  The cost is $25.95.  It includes yarn, needles, and a book.

4.  Solar USB Kit.  I think the sciencey kids will love this as a gift.  It is a kit to make a solar USB charger.  It comes with everything you need to make a charger for most small USB gadgets like the kindle, phones, and gps systems.  It will not charge an iPhone 3gs or the IPad 2.  Note:  you will need a soldering iron and solder to complete the kit and you will need an altoids tin to hold it.  It costs $22.99.

5.  Hand made chess set.  This is really a premiere item.  It's a beautiful hand crafted chess set.  It's the most expensive item on the list and costs $349.  It's important to note that the according to the seller the pieces are weighted with lead sealed within the wood.

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