Monday, December 17, 2012

Residential Solar Power Up 70%

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How about some end of the year good news?

According to this article, residential solar use in the U.S. is up 70% over last year.  The numbers could be better, but they could certainly be worse.  Most of the increase comes from California where there are programs that support the development of residential solar energy.

One of the challenges in our modern society is the whole concept of "too big to fail" organizations.  We have made huge organizations in charge of small things that impact our lives in immeasurable ways.  For example, we have a few companies managing our food network, a few companies in charge of our financial system, and single large organizations in charge of our power.  Solar energy brings back energy production to the single owner/renter in order to reduce reliance on the too big to fail companies.  This is important because in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we saw failure of the too big to fail organizations with power off in many areas for two weeks.

Getting homes and individuals more self-reliant on locally produced green energy is a key strategy that needs to be developed in the coming years.  This was discussed in a must-read op-ed in the New York Times last week.

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