Friday, December 28, 2012

My Favorite Hofstra Pictures of 2012

I try to take a picture each time I am on the campus of Hofstra University or when I am off campus on university business.  Hofstra is a beautiful place.  Here are some of my favorite images from on and off campus during 2012.  The ones of me were taken by friends of mine and the ones off campus were some of my favorite images of professional activities.  It's been a great year!
Me and Van Jones on campus.

Hofstra hosted the most important debate of the presidential election.

I worked with the Discovery Group to put in Hofstra's new student garden.

I went to China to develop new research and teaching programs.  Here I am with Hofstra's Ying Qiu.

I met Mr. Met at the 50th anniversary of the Mets conference where I gave a paper on baseball and sustainability.

This sculpture is always an inspiration. 

Research Assistant Lisa Marie Pierre planting tulips in the student garden.
She is always an inspiration to me and I am grateful to work with her.

I love the fall season on Long Island.

Part of the crop from the student garden on campus.

I love this sculpture on campus.  I always wonder where she is heading.  She looks so determined!
Hofstra has the most beautiful tulips in the spring.  What would you expect from a university named after a Dutch shipping family?  This picture was taken the day of the Long Island Small Farm Summit on campus.  I got to meet Will Allen and introduce him to the attendees.  What an honor!

If you know our campus, you know this guy.  He's always trying to get to Boston.

I love this sculpture.  I just wish it wasn't in the middle of a parking lot.

How inviting!

Some of my students in New York City on the High Line.  What a talented group!

Me and my posse at Vision Long Island.  I am so lucky to work with these people!!

Giving a talk to a professional engineering group on campus.

Celebrating the Peconic Bay Scallop restoration project which was funded as part of the Long Island Regional Planning Process.  I was very honored to be asked to serve as one of the writers of the plan.
I traveled to Carlsbad, New Mexico to attend the board meeting of the National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI).  This photo is from inside Carlsbad Caverns.  From left is the Director of NCKRI, George Veni, Hazel Barton (the Chair of the Baord) and her husband, and on the right, my brother John.  He came out to spend time with me and travel around New Mexico after the board meeting. We had an amazing trip.

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