Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Logotabulous in California

The University of California has a bit of a controversy on their hands over their new logo.  For the last kazillion years they had a very stodgy formal logo shown here.  It has the seriousness that one would expect from one of the best educational systems in the nation--even if the logo is a bit out of date.  There is a tradition after all.

The new logo is below.  What do you think?  It certainly is modern.  It has many scratching their heads and wondering what the decision makers were thinking.  I kind of like it in a, "boy that sure is interesting" sort of way.  It certainly turns the page on the old one.  I am not sure it makes me think it is the logo of one of the best universities in the land, but it is logotabulous.  I hope that's what they wanted.

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