Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lecture on Nature, Transcendentalism, Whitman, and the Bomb

Photo of me last year at Walt Whitman's boyhood
home near Huntington, Long Island.
A week from today I'm giving an invited lecture at the Long Island Museum at Stony Brook as part of their Long Island, America's 1950s Frontier exhibit conference.  I am honored to be presenting along with Christopher Sellers, Author of Crabgrass Crucible:  Genius, Suburban Nature and the Rise of Environmentalism in 20th Century America, and Robert Beuka, author of SuburbiaNation.

Long Island is a place of major contradictions and extremes and I decided to try to capture this in my talk which is titled, "From Whitman to Madmen:  How the Space Age Transformed Long Island's Environmental Transcendentalism and We Learned to Love the Bomb".  The event will take place from 9-3 on Saturday and my presentation will be in the morning around 10.  Here's a link to the museum site for more information in case you are interested.

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