Monday, December 10, 2012

Lead Filled Loon and The Raptor Education Group

A loon.  Click for photo credit.
My sister Patty, a lover of animals, sent me a link to an interesting blog by the Raptor Education Group that focuses on the rehabilitation and release of raptors.  The blog has all kinds of great information about the successful rehabilitation of injured, poisoned, or otherwise damaged birds.

One story that we found particularly interesting is one about a loon that was poisoned with lead.  Lead is a terrible pollutant for birds, particularly because it has been (and in some cases continues to be) in bullets and lead shot in shotguns.  Birds eat the small lead particles and become poisoned.

This post from the blog detailes how a loon was found in pretty bad shape on a shoreline.  After realizing through x-ray that the loon swallowed lead particles and would soon die, it was decided to conduct surgery on the bird.  The loon fully recovered and was released back into the wild.

The Raptor Education Group is a non-profit organization in my home state of Wiscsonsin near Antigo.

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Unknown said...

Hi Robert. I found your blog through the mention of Raptor Education Group in this post on lead poisoning. My wife and I believe strongly in the work REGI does and recently started a project to try to help raise funds and awareness to their cause. If you're interested, you can check us out at Great blog! :)