Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vision Long Island's Annual Smart Growth Summit on Friday

Long Island has lots of development like this that is suitable
for smart growth redevelopment.  Click for photo credit.
I'll be attending the annual Vision Long Island's Annual Smart Growth Summit this coming Friday.  It should be a great event.  If you are interested in attending, see this site.

Most of Long Island is essentially developed and the major opportunities for development are in redevelopment and densification.

The future of Long Island is highly contested.  Many want to retain the status quo and others want to transform the island through redevelopment of older neighborhoods, roadways, and downtowns.

There are issues with maintaining the status quo:  Long Island is too expensive, it is aging, and the demographics of the island are changing.  Yet, there are major obstacles to redevelopment due to NIMBYism, costs, and the declining tax base of the island.  Plus, the island is has a number of redevelopment opportunities in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

This summit provides an opportunity to discuss how best to move forward in the coming years.

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