Friday, November 2, 2012

Images of Sandy on Manhasset Isle

I thought I would share some images of the aftermath of Sandy taken on Tuesday morning after the hurricane struck.

There was quite a lot of damage to sea walls in the neighborhood.

You can see how high the storm surge went by the debris field.  The
blue cans are torch fuel cans that washed onto our lawn.

One of my neighbors sandbagged their driveway that led to a basement garage.

Lots of people tied up grills, garbage cans, and tool sheds to railings.  My neighbor's toolshed
blew over before we evacuated and probably helped buffer some of the wind damage to our yard.

Our community dock seemed to survive okay.

This shell was by my back door and was carried as part of the storm surge.

Some of the construction sites in our neighborhood had some damage.

This is a common scene throughout Long Island:  wires and trees down blocking roadways.

Another common scene.

One of the neighborhood cats seemed to survive the storm with aplomb.

We knew things were coming back to a bit of normalcy on Wednesday when the Coast Guard  came ashore to
pull outone of their search and rescue boats at our nearby boat launch.

On Wednesday, some of the barges and docks were put back in place.

On Tuesday when we returned to survey damages, we were greeted with a double rainbow.

I spent a good part of Tuesday putting the yard back together.  We just got power back on, but our basement is still damp.  So, we still have quite a bit of work to do to get back to normal.  However, most of Long Island is still without power.

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Dianne said...

Glad you're okay and your home wasn't lost. Keep a positive outlook... it helps in all cases of disaster, trauma and sorrow.