Friday, July 6, 2012

Travelling While Green

Photo Credit: Anja Johnson

Over on the Ecocentric blog, they discussed eight ways to green a vacation. I love to travel and some of these tips are helpful to those who want to be environmentally friendly, yet still have a good time.

Some tips that stood out:

Eat locally and sustainably

When I have travelled out of the country, I have eaten both food prepared at the hotels and food prepared by locals. My best experience with eating locally has been while travelling to Haiti. The fish was freshly caught, the fruits picked from the trees, etc. The foods that we purchased or ate were from local markets and street vendors. I like how on the Ecocentric blog, they shared the Eat Well Everywhere tool, this tool allows you to map your route and find sustainable food stores, farms, hotels, etc.

Green your ride

I appreciate the tip to carpool, drive a hybrid, bike, take a train, but realistically, most people take airplanes to vacation spots. Traveling via transportation can’t always be avoided. In order to sustainably travel, than transportation industries, need to come up with innovative and environmentally friendly machinery.

Choose a staycation

Almost every week, I have a staycation. I like to ride my bike to local venues, take the train to different locations on Long Island. It allows me to see my hometown from another perspective, while also stimulating the local economy.

Stay somewhere green

The hotel industry has been making strides in reducing their environmental impact and is encouraging conservation methods. One method mentioned on the Ecocentic blog is to stay at Ecolodges or campgrounds. This seems like a good choice for the young, families, or those who enjoy adventures, but some individuals prefer the hotel scene. One option that could be green is using websites like airbnb or homeexchange. With these options, you can stay at someone’s home for a low cost or free. This helps with the options of eating locally, greening your ride, and having a staycation.


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