Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

Fourth of July marks the anniversary of the United States’ independence from Britain. To each, this day means something different. It is a day of barbeques, fireworks, beach fun, concerts, and it also serves as a silent reminder of what it means to be free.

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For this Fourth of July, I leave you with links to various web articles about the holiday.

Today, Earth will be farther from the sun than on any other day this year. If today is cooler or warmer than normal, it does not have to do with the fact that Earth will be farther from the sun. Seasons are determined by the tilt of Earth not the distance from the sun. You can read more about this in the National Geographic article: Earth Farthest From Sun on Fourth of July—So Why So Hot?

Is there such a thing of energy conservation, recycling, and reduced emissions of atmospheric gasses when celebrating a holiday like the Fourth of July? Last year, I attempted to make our Fourth of July barbecue eco-friendly. I provided recycling bins and used reusable plates, but these efforts went over the heads of my guests. Guests still threw out the reusable plates and put napkins in the glass recycling bin. I would give myself an 'A' for effort, but 'C' for practicality. Can a holiday party be green? In  this  Griot article,  Stephen Cowell, discusses his personal story of  having the greenest Fourth of July. The Inhabitat website provides tips on throwing an eco-friendly fireworks show, using biodegradable barbeque supplies, and more.   National Geographic also has articles on Fourth of July myths debunked and great places to view fireworks.

How do you view the Fourth of July holiday? Are there sustainability implications while celebrating this holiday? Or is it  just a holiday that serves as an historic reminder of freedom and courage? 


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