Thursday, July 26, 2012

Green Job Finder on Twitter

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Many of my students and former students often contact me about helping them find environmental jobs.  I know that the economy is really tough out there and some folks are having a difficult time getting a job that fits their needs and interests.

There are a ton of jobs out there, but it is hard to find the right source for finding them.  I've run across a bunch of different types of job listings such as  Plus there are a number of industry specific jobs that focus on particular regions of the country.

I thought I would share with you one source on Twitter that consistently publishes a range of green jobs called, Green Job Finder.  They list jobs that I send on to some of my folks looking for work.  Those of you interested in green jobs may find it useful.  What I like about this source is that it includes all skill levels.  So if you want to be a receptionist at a green firm or a CEO of a green non-profit, you'll find them all listed.  You can find them at @GreenJobFinder

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