Monday, July 30, 2012

Climate Change Denialist Now a Believer

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Lots of newspapers are picking up the story about Richard Muller, the Berkeley Professor who was the major scientific force behind climate change denial.  He received millions of dollars from the petrochemical industry to conduct his work.  However, he recently wrote a piece in the New York Times changing sides.  He now says that climate change is real and caused by humans.  He notes that he believes what the vast majority of scientists have been saying for decades:  the Earth has warmed by 2 degrees over the last 250 years and the warming is continuing.  Again, this has been basic scientific thought for 20 years.

While it is great that he has changed his mind, it is unfortunate that he was the vocal critic of mainstream science for so long.  His work was quoted by the handful of very loud and well funded climate change deniers over and over again.  Indeed, it is because of these deniers that we do not have a coherent greenhouse gas management plan or a thoughtful energy policy in the U.S.  So, forgive me if my applause is modest for having Dr. Muller come around to the side of science and reason.

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