Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chinese Government Urges Openness After Riots

A Beijing sunrise.  The smog in Beijing is so bad that
some are leaving the city for health reasons.
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I've been following the news about a series of uprisings in China in recent months over environmental pollution.  Here in the U.S. we are really fortunate to have strong environmental rules that protect us and our environment from the damages caused by industrialization and poor management.  Very few countries have such strong rules and we serve as one of the models for environmental protection.

China, with its vast industrial growth in recent decades, has a long way to go to protect its environment.  Industrial pollution is widespread and there is a lack of strong pollution regulation.  There are some striking examples of serious pollution issues that have negatively impacted communities.  From air pollution problems in Beijing to concerns over copper mining, the Chinese people are standing up to the government over their concerns over pollution.

The most recent uprising was over a waste pipeline associated with a Japanese paper factory in Qidong.  Thousands took to the streets and according to this article, ransacked government offices.  As a result of this, the main government paper posted an editorial noting that the government must learn from this event and listen to the concerns of the people.

China's green movement seems to be growing.  There is more discussion in the newspapers about the need to fix the environment and improve the health of ecosystems.  It will be interesting to see whether or not China is able to develop a workable system for the management of pollution.

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