Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Exhibit at the NY Aquarium Based On Shipwrecks

My first aquarium visit was to the Georgia Aquarium located in Atlanta Georgia, which happens to be the world's largest aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium has proven to make an educational and economic impact on the region. The new project at the New York Aquarium, could possibly do the same to Coney Island, Brooklyn, and New York City. This new project at the New York Aquarium, will shed light on turn of the century New York waters, sea life, and shipwrecks. The Wildlife Conservation Society in partnership with the New York Aquarium, Brooklyn borough president, and New York City, will create a 500,000 gallon, 150 million dollar exhibit. This exhibit is inspired by New York shipwrecks and will house designs that are similar to the shipwrecks as well as feature native species.

I have always been wary of zoos and aquariums, because I feared that animals were not living in their proper habitat and I have had concerns over the sustainable practices of these facilities
Through energy-efficient exhibits and office buildings, recycling programs, and other eco-friendly technologies, we strive to set an example for other organizations and individuals in New York City to lighten our output. -Wildlife Conservation Society
It is comforting to know that the Wildlife Conservation Society has a conservation and environmental mission. Below, you can find footage of divers exploring shipwrecks.


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