Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tasmanian Tree Sitter, Thinking of Julia Butterfly Hill, and Register for Long Island Farm Summit

The site of Luna, Julia Butterfly Hill's 2-year home.
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I ran into this story from The Guardian's environmental blog about woman who is living on top of a tree in the Tasmanian forests in order to bring attention to the issues of old growth forest exploitation.  I would love to hear what my Australian readers think about her efforts and their take on the forestry issues in Tasmania.

The story took me back to the late 1990's when Julia Butterfly Hill sat in a 1500 year old redwood for over two years to bring to light issues of old growth redwood cutting and to save the tree.  She named her tree Luna and wrote a book about her experience.  I've added her blog link in my blog list here on the right.

Julia Butterfly Hill's efforts were an important development in the sustainability movement.  It became clear to those involved with forestry that activists brought to light unsustainable practices and that they needed to do a better job in managing forests.  Also, the activist community had a model of how one person could make a huge difference in policy.  It is important to note that Julia Butterfly Hill was not the first tree sitter.  Many activists were involved with tree sitting long before she came on the scene.  However, she certainly is the most famous American tree sitter.

I saw Julia Butterfly Hill speak in Tampa a year or two after she came down from the tree and she was clearly a mission-driven individual deeply committed to preservation of the environment.  She was an inspiring speaker and discussed a variety of issues associated with sitting in the tree for two years--everything from basic survival skills to local political issues.

In other news, if you are attending the Long Island Small Farm Summit taking place at Hofstra on Saturday it would be helpful if you would register in advance.  Please see this site for registration instructions.  If you cannot register in advance, no problem.  However, it would be helpful if you would.

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