Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Day to Enter Images of Spring Photo Contest and Eastern Phoebes from Missouri

Today is the last day to enter my images of spring photo contest.  Just send your images to me at  to enter.

The winner will receive a t-shirt.  I haven't had a ton of entries for this contest, so the chances of winning are pretty high!  I am surprised that I haven't had more entries since  I have more people visiting the blog than ever before.  Send your images to me before midnight tonight to enter.  They can be any image of spring in your area.

My cousin Carol sent along the photos in this post along with the following text:

My Phoebes...the Eastern Phoebe,  Sayornis phoebe, to be exact.

They start with last year's nest...not in the best shape...

then refurbish the nest and lay five white eggs for this year's first brood.

Momma sits on the nest for about 2 weeks...

...before the eggs hatch--though at this point they don't look much like baby birds.

As they hit the one week mark, they are looking much more like baby birds, and keeping Momma and Poppa Phoebe busy with their feedings.
(though it will get busier for them as the young ones grow)

Today, about a week and a half old, you can see how quickly they are growing!  It won't be very long--in an average year around Mother's Day,
but probably early this year--when the nest gets too small to hold them all or starts to weaken from the weight of the birds and they are forced
to fly away (though I will admit that sometimes they are scared away by the flash of a camera! :D).

After taking some time off to recover, Momma and Poppa Phoebe will again strengthen the nest in preparation for their second brood of the year.

Usually, only four eggs this time.  The sounds of feebee, feebee will be heard through the neighborhood and next year, with any luck, they will be back!

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