Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Joshua Tree Part of Green National Parks Program and New Spring Photo Contest Entry

The beautiful landscape of Joshua Tree National Park.  Photo by
Terry Brock.
Joshua Tree National Park is the site for today's Spring Photo Contest Entry from Archaeologist, Terry Brock.  While many of us in more humid areas have a distinct spring image memory that consists of tulips and daffodils, Terry reminds us that spring comes in different ways in different places.

I thought I would take a moment to note that Joshua Tree National Park is part of the National Park's Service's Climate Friendly Parks program. 

Take a look at what Joshua Tree is doing here on their website.  The park's efforts provide a great example of how organizations are taking a look at their impacts on the environment and how they are developing ways to mitigate them.  One way Joshua Tree is doing this is by conducting a greenhouse gas inventory and developing goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

By far their biggest challenge is transportation emission reductions within the park and I think it will be interesting to see how they do in meeting their targets.  You can read their climate action plan here to get a sense of their strategies.

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Terry said...

thanks for including my photo, Bob! I should note that this was one of the more incredible spring days I've ever experienced. I've never been to Joshua Tree, which is just outside Palm Springs, CA. It was in the desert, and the sun felt like it should have been 100 degrees. However, it was so windy that we didn't break a sweat on our 10 mile hike (which was primarily on some sort of incline). It was a beautiful trip, with the sand and rocks showered with wildflowers and cacti.