Monday, April 23, 2012

Images of Spring at Hofstra During the Long Island Farm Summit

We had unsettled weather overnight with a great deal of wind and rain, reminding us on Long Island that spring weather is not always perfect.  Up until yesterday, we had a string of glorious sunny days with nearly ideal weather.  

During the Long Island Small Farm Summit a week ago, the weather was particularly nice and I took a series of photos of the tulips on the Hofstra University Campus where the event was held.

Hofstra University has a lovely campus.  Its grounds are an arboretum so there is something to see for the plant lover everywhere.  The campus is on the former estate of the Hofstra family who were of Dutch descent.  For this reason, Hofstra has always had a rather impressive collection of flowering spring bulbs and people come on to the campus to see the grounds when they are in bloom.

Hopefully these images will inspire some of you to submit a photo for my Images of Spring Photo Contest.  You can read about the rules here, but there is only one week left to enter!  Send in your images to

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