Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter, Passover, Spring Break, Etc.

Happy Easter, Passover, Spring Break, etc!
To me, this time of year always brings back pleasant memories.  Growing up in Wisconsin, Easter was a time when the spring plants would start to awaken and I saw glimpses of the pleasant summer season ahead.  This is my first spring back in the north in over 20 years, and I have to say it has been glorious.

It is so different from April in Florida.  I do miss all of my dear friends in back in the south, but I am enjoying the beauty of a northern spring.  Of course, I know that Florida is always perfection in April, particularly when enjoyed with friends, but the flowering fruit trees and spring bulbs of Long Island do provide renewed attractions to this aesthete's eyes.

We planted some spring bulbs in our backyard in the fall and they turned out lovely.  The fishing boats have returned to Manhasset Bay and our local marina is slowly filling up with boats.  It is a glorious time.

I think this sense of renewal is especially heightened in the lives of teachers.  This is the first weekend of my Spring Break and many schools are closed this week.  Many teachers are off this week.  I and others often totally shut down from teaching and research for a few days this time of year in order to recharge our souls.

Whatever you are celebrating this year, thanks for visiting my blog and being part of the conversation.

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