Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Floating Homes--The New Normal News of Climate Change

It is interesting that in recent years we are seeing more discussion around adaptation to changing climate. This article points out the new normal.  Planners and architects are seeking ways to design buildings that float in order to maintain development near coastlines.
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This is an adaptation that is particularly pertinent for the island nations such as The Maldives, which are slowly disappearing into the ocean.

But I wonder if we have given up trying to prevent the pollution associated with global climate change.  The language we use in our society seems to focus much more on adaptation and developing resiliency strategies to deal with rising sea levels and climate disruptions than it does on managing the source of the problem. 

While it is well and good to build adaptations in response to climate change, there are unknown factors as work that can be a threat.  For example, this research article on the range of the Lyme disease-bearing tick suggests that the range of the tick is expanding significantly due to warmer temperatures across North America.  

There are many unknowns ahead due to our inability to effectively deal with greenhouse gas pollution and I am not sure that floating coastal buildings will prove ultimately effective.

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