Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earth Week at Hofstra

Students for a greener Hofstra made a man out of recycled
bottles to highlight issues of consumption and recycling
on campus.
We don't just celebrate Earth Day at Hofstra, we make a week of it.  Check out this summary of events that are taking place on campus.

Yesterday, it was great fun to be interviewed about sustainability on WRHU, Hofstra's award-winning radio station.  After, I was part of a panel on food and sustainability with Donna Boyce of Sustainable Long Island that was organized by Kari Jensen.  Later in the day, I was in the audience for Sister Jeanne Clark's discussion about her work with food activism on Long Island and her long-standing work on anti-nuclear issues.  Sister Jeanne is in her 70's and keeps on keepin' on!  To cap off the night, I attended a discussion I helped organize as part of Hofstra's Science Ideas Lecture Series that featured risk managers who are already dealing with the impacts of climate change in our region.  During the day, there were a number of tables set up featuring a number of different organizations working on environmental issues in the region.  Tonight, I am attending a screening of a movie about sustainability issues and conflict in Africa called Crisis in the Congo:  Uncovering the Truth.

All of these events were organized as part of the effort of a group of students and faculty working through Hofstra's Center for Civic Engagement.

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