Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5 Signs of a Green Opening Day for Baseball

What is your team doing to go green?  (Click for photo credit).
1.  Bats.  The Twins plant 100 trees for every bat their pitchers break.  Last year they planted over 17,000 trees in state parks and lands.  What is your team doing?

2.  Organic and Local Food.  The New York Yankees have a Healthy Home Plate program focused on healthy eating for kids.

3.  Green Ball Parks.  Washington Nationals play home games in a LEED Silver stadium.

4.  Energy.  Boston's Fenway Park uses solar energy to heat 37% of the hot water that it uses.

5.  Water.  The Phillies use runoff from their stadium to water landscape plants.

What is your team doing?

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