Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poetry Bay

Check out Long Island's quarterly on-line poetry magazine, Poetry Bay.  I love this poem by Gladys Henderson in their recent issue.

Long Island commercial fishing boat.  Click for photo credit.

Calls of the Gull

We follow the fishing trawlers 
wait for the sacrament 
         of rejected fish, the blood 
                and oil of their broken bodies 
             to be released from the holding wells 
requiem on the cobalt rush 
       that breaks beneath the bow.   
       We travel until we can go 
no longer, the ship’s mission beyond our reach, 
              its promises held outside our strength.  
In the thin strands of foam 
                  that trace the endings of waves, 
we still our bodies and call to each other— 
       these unheard hymns of resignation.

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