Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting a Fracking Education

There is a tremendous amount of activism around fracking.
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The other night, I was having dinner with some new friends in New York and one of them asked me my opinion about Fracking.  Fracking is the cracking of rock deep underground by pumping highly pressurized fluids into the earth.  When the rocks crack, oil or gas is released and can be recovered.  It is a highly controversial process and there is a great deal of environmental activism around the issue throughout the world.  It is a highly charged issue in New York state and there are efforts underway to try to ban fracking.

I realized that my knowledge of fracking was not very deep and was comfortable in only saying my standard:  we probably wouldn't need to frack if we had a coherent energy policy in the US.  But, I also used my standard, although often unpopular, statement that at least it is a local source of energy and that we are taking the full environmental and social responsibilities for energy production.  It is easy for us to import lots of energy without feeling the impacts of production.

So in the coming months, I will have several posts about fracking facts and figures in order to get me and my readers up to speed on the topic.  In the mean time, here's your reading assignment:  the EPA website on fracking.

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