Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A High Line in Queens?

Wisconsin has lots of great rails to trails bike and
hiking paths like this one in Western Wisconsin.
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Thanks to my friend Lyndsey Scofield for posting on Facebook this request for signatures on a petition to build a High Line like greenway on the abandoned Long Island Railroad Rockaway Beach Branch right of way.

Old rail lines make great parks and/or trails.  I grew up in Waterford, a small village in western Racine County, Wisconsin.  An old light rail line used to extend from Milwaukee to a number of small towns to the southwest.  The service disappeared long before I was born, but the remaining rail line was a great playground for me and my siblings.  Today, it is part of Racine County's bikepath system and is known as the Seven Waters Trail.

The success of New York City's High Line and rural Wisconsin's Seven Waters Trail suggests that a trail built on the Rockaway Beach Branch will see success.

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