Thursday, May 12, 2011

Goats and the Suburban Lawn

Goats are cute and can cut your lawn!
My sister sent me a story from the Burlington Standard Press (from Burlington, Wisconsin) about a company that will graze your lawn with goats!  The article was not on line, but here's the website of the company.  Each goat is only $3.00 per day.  They are great for removing vegetation from overgrown lawns  and they could remove old sod prior to landscaping with native vegetation (which could be kept down by goat grazing!).  

I've always thought that urban lawns would make great pasture for small animals like goats.  The goats could provide milk and meat.  I think this could be a great entrepreneurial activity for those interested in green businesses in the suburbs.   I pay about $80.00 a month for a lawn service in my suburban community.  For about the same price, I could have goats come by and munch away.  

It would be wonderful to see this effort expand!

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