Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Worm Composting

I gave a lecture to my class on a variety of issues associated with green building and I couldn't help but mention my worm composting system.  I thought some folks would like to see it.  Some pictures of it are below.  I bought the system from Our Vital Earth a local company that sells and markets the systems.  They also raise worms, and compost lots of local garbage.  They sell the worm tea and worm casing as a fertilizer.

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DonnaGenzmer said...

I haven't started worm composting, but I did come up with a homemade low-cost low-labor end-over-end yard composter. I have photos on facebook if you want to take a look (Garden 2008). You are welcome to use it as an example of another easy/cheap way to get into composting.